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Exercise & Weight Management Classes in Eastbourne, Hailsham + Districts


We have the most exciting fitness classes that are fun and get results in strength, flexibility, cardio and all round fitness! Our classes are open to all!

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You have the choice of weigh-in, or weigh-in and exercisewith us. We monitor your progress and aid your weight loss journey. At JM Fitness, we have a history of fantastic results. Join us and experience them first-hand!


We offer 24 hour support to help you on your weight-loss and fitness journey, as we know the process you will follow. Our results speak for themselves! Take a look at some on our success page.


We will help you to assess the foods you eat to ensure you reach your goal. What to eat? When to eat? . . . and much more. You can start off with the fantastic FREE 7 Day Meal Plan.

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If you follow our proven fitness and healthy eating system youwill be amazed at yourresults! You will feel better with increased energy, leading to you looking better and having more confidence, then the rest will follow and you’ll have created balance and. . . got Your MoJo Back!

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Jo is soeasy to talk to. . .

The support is given second to none . . .

I had to ask for a smaller size when shopping . . .

I’m holding my gym trousers up with a safety pin. . .

I have got my energy back and feel so much better for it. . .

My friends and family can’t believe how quick and easy it’s been. . .

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