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Exercise MotivationWe know we should exercise and eat healthily . . .

. . . but how do we get motivated to do it?

I started exercising almost 25 years ago. I exercised every week consistently for almost 10 years. But then I found myself getting really busy, making excuses and losing motivation to exercise, even whilst I was a fitness professional.Lady exercising in orange leotard

I would do it sporadically here and there but nothing consistent like I was for the previous 10 years, until something happened, and I realised how physically out of shape I was. I was lean from controlling my portion sizes and from eating healthily most of the time, but I was not strong or cardiovascularly fit.

Look in the mirrorThe situation I went through was so impactful it made me look at myself in the mirror and face reality. The key is to not feel sorry for yourself, but face the truth of where you are with your health and fitness.

I’m going to ask some thought-provoking questions, but for you to get anything out of this, I encourage you to really stop and take some time to think about your answers.

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Ask yourself these questions:

– How much weight have you gained?Ask yourself the question

– When was the last time you did any aerobic exercise?

– Do you get out of breath going up a flight of stairs?

Are you tired throughout the day?

– Do you feel knackered and unable to do much at night after your day is over?

Answer yes– Do you have trouble getting a good nights sleep?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, I have a few more questions for you:

Why does that happen?– If you continue living life like this, where do you think you are going to end up in the next 5 years?

– How about the next 10 years?

– Do you want to continue living life like this?

– Do you believe there is a better way?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

So, how do we get motivated?get motivated

Sometimes, to get motivated we could take a look at where we are, be honest about the fact that we truly don’t want to stay there, and get excited about moving forward.

Great health and a fabulous body does not just fall into your lap – if it did, everyone would have a great body!

I honestly believe most people aren’t fit and lean because they:

#1) Were never taught to value their health and bodies.

#2) Have developed a lifestyle of eating unhealthy, processed food full of refined sugars, trans fats and excess caloriesJunk food.

#3) Have been consumed with their busy lifestyle, living on the run and NOT making exercise and health a priority.Tired, lethargic

#4) Have developed a habit of being lazy.

#5) Make excuses for why they aren’t getting it done instead of taking action.

If you’re honest with yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree that some of these issues are contributing factors to where YOU may be with your health? I ask these questions to get you to start thinking about what you are doing in your life, why you are where you are and how you can change it.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

If you recognise the problem, then you can come up with a solution.

FamilyIf you were never taught to value your health and body, you must start to realise that your health is important – it’s also about your family and being healthy for them.

A lifestyle is basically the way we live our lives. If you want to be healthy you must live a lifestyle of being healthy. You can’t just eat rubbish food, do no exercise and wonder why you are overweight, out of shape and tired. That is ridiculous! We have to learn to take responsibility for our health and understand it’s our responsibility and no one else’s.Put the effort in

Although many of us are busy, we must MAKE time for exercise and healthy eating. A priority means something of importance. It’s important because the positive benefits are worth Make the commitment to changethe effort it takes to receive them. If we don’t do it, there can be some SERIOUS negative consequences. Yes we are all busy, but our health is one thing in life that we CANNOT allow ourselves to ignore. If we do, we will suffer the consequences.

Are you dealing with negative consequences from not taking care of your health? Are you ready to change? That’s what it takes, being fed up with where you are and believing that you can make a change.

Time for a changeJM Fitness Motivation

Just do it . . .

We must also develop a habit of being active and taking action. A habit is something that is done over and over that becomes automatic. Taking action can be something that you do over and over again that now becomes automatic. When I get myself to take action I just remind myself of the Nike slogan:Focus

Don’t sit there and make excuses for why you don’t want to exercise, JUST DO IT! It comes down to what you focus on. If you focus on these things then you probably won’t do it:

– I don’t have time.
– I don’t feel like it.
– I don’t want to get all sweaty.
– I have so many other things to do.

You have to focus on what you do want: 🙂

energetic woman with umbrella– More energy, more stamina
– Lean body
– Toned muscles
– Fit heart and better endurance
– Better balanced moods and less depression, etc (input your own focus here!)

The fact is you’ll be glad you exercised when you get started – or at least when it’s over!!

If YOU are ready to make that commitment to a healthier, fitter, happier YOU . . . Get in-touch NOW!!!

Jo (positive focus) Matthews xx :D

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