Boot Camp Training . . . The Benefits!

Think it will be too hard for you?
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Have you ever considered boot camp?

Think it will be too tough for you?! Think there will be a ‘Sargent Major’ type trainer standing over you, shouting with stop-watch in hand . . ??! Think you will be knee-deep in mud, doing endless press-ups and burpees . . . . ?!! Yes?! . . . . . . . ! Think again!

Sargent major shouting

In recent years, boot camp fitness classes have become increasingly popular as more and more people swap their monotonous gym workouts in favour of exercising outside, Ladies jumping outsidein the great uncomfortableout-doors. After all, there’s nothing fun about pounding away on a treadmill for an hour in order to achieve your fitness goals – a recent study found that people tend to burn significantly fewer calories on a treadmill, than covering the same distance outside anyway!

Is outdoor exercise any better for us than exercising indoors?!

Lady ExercisingThink starting any exercise program is hard? It’s even tougher when the beautiful summer weather signals you to ditch the four walls and stale air of the indoors for the sun and breeze outside. Stop ignoring your instincts!

Nature is the perfect bikini-body training ground! Getting active outside, in the fresh air is so beneficial to not only our physical health, but also our mental health too!Air balloon

There’s no doubt about it, exercising outdoors makes you happier! Huffing and puffing your way round the park may not sound like an instant mood-booster – but research suggests that just five minutes of exercise in a ‘green space’ – such as your local park – is enough to make you feel happier and less stressed.

The effect may be due to the oxygen boost from fresh air, which encourages production of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin. But that’s not the only good thing about exercising outdoors . . .

Lady with musclesYou burn more calories outdoors . . .

Exercising in the open air isn’t just a mood-booster: you’ll also see quicker results from your workout. The reason? Performing any exercise outdoors puts more demands on your body. No matter how many fancy settings there are on your treadmill or exercise bike, they can’t totally replicate the varied terrains and weather conditions you’ll encounter outside.

The study at the University of Brighton that found that people tend to burn significantly fewer calories on a treadmill, discovered this was because it’s almost impossible to replicate running downhill in a gym and subsequently, your leg muscles will not get the same all-over workout that they would outdoors.

 Stronger, healthier bones . . .strong bones

From about the age of 35, we naturally start to lose bone density so are more at risk from osteoporosis. Vitamin D is the main component in the fight against the bone-thinning disease because it regulates our bodies’ calcium and phosphate levels, ensuring healthy bones and teeth.

And where do we get most of our vitamin D from? Sunlight! 😀

Happy sunDid you know that sunlight helps lower blood pressure??! No?! Neither did I!! Well, according to recent research presented at the European Society of Human Genetics conference, it appears that Vitamin D may indeed help lower blood pressureLower blood pressure eating dark chocolate

– or to put it another way: having low levels of vitamin D in your body can trigger high blood pressure, putting you more at risk of heart disease or stroke. Another excellent reason to get outside and do some exercise!!

Not fit enough?!

Military style boot campMany people are put off by the words ‘boot camp’, as they envisage it being really tough, and something only for people who are already really super-fit. I can tell you categorically that this is definitely not the case!!! Just as in my classes, I tailor each exercise to suit every individual person who attends.  The exercises are designed to give you a full body workout; but I ALWAYS encourage everyone to work to their own individual fitness level.Jo with Muscles

The goal of each boot camp session is to raise your heart-rate in order to maximise your body’s fat-burning abilities – I think we accomplish this extremely well!! Why don’t you try out our next boot camp, starting on Monday, 27th April? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you transform your body as a result!

Come and join us!

Jo (Boot Camp Queen!) Matthews xx 😉

Want that boot camp link again? Here it is!!

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