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Millions of people in Britain go on a diet . . .

Diet vegetables . . . or try to lose weight every year, and most fail. We are constantly bombarded with advice about dieting and the latest slimming fads… In recent News, experts say eating eggs for breakfast may help to control your weight! But is this just another fad, or could there actually be something in this??!

Don’t get hungry . . . Hungry fish

For me, the key to losing weight and keeping it off is to not get starving hungry – there is research into this, as it turns out that certain foods are much better than others at staving off hunger pangs. Hunger pangs happen when your stomach is empty and shrinks back down. This triggers the hormone

Ghrelin gremlin

Ghrelin to send a message to your brain that you want more food. One way to fool your brain and damp-down those High protein boiled eggshunger-pangs is to eat more protein. Scientists have known for years that protein-rich foods such as lean meat, eggs, beans and fish keep you feeling fuller for longer than other foods.

So this isn’t really just about eggs it is really about protein and making sure that you include it in a balanced diet as it will help keep hunger at bay until your next meal!! Have a look a my list of protein-rich foods below to get some idea where to start!

Looking for a healthy mid-afternoon energy boost?

These high protein snacks will keep you going for longer . . .

1.    Boiled eggs
Eggs are low in fat and relatively low in calories (98 cals per boiled egg) compared to other snack foods. They’re also high in protein (7.9g), making them the perfect choice when you’re looking for a healthy energy boost. The advice to eat no more than three eggs a week due to cholesterol concerns has now been revised, so there’s no harm in eating one every day.

high protein tuna2.    Tuna
Tuna is a great source of protein and contains essential amino acids the body needs for growth and maintenance. A can of tuna provides 25 grams of protein, 111 calories and, if you Tuna sandwichchoose tuna that’s canned in water, no fat to worry about. Just remember to go easy on the mayonnaise if eating tuna in a salad or sandwich.

3.    Add some lentils
If a bowl of salad leaves you wanting more, try adding a few lentils to the mix. Lentils are low in fat and high in protein (one cup contains about 230 calories, one gram of fat and 18 grams of protein) making them a good choice for dieters. You can also add a handful of lentils to soups for a quick protein punch.

4.    Greek Yogurt

high protein yogurtA small pot of natural yogurt makes a great mid-morning snack. Yogurt is high in protein – Greek yogurt is even higher; and can be mixed with fruit for a healthy sweet tasting treat. For an even bigger protein boost, mix a few seeds or nuts into your yogurt – just remember to go easy on the nuts if you’re watching calories.

5.    Cottage cheese
If yoghurt’s not your thing, try snacking on cottage cheese for a slightly more savoury option. Packed with protein, it can be mixed with fruit, vegetables, meat and other cheeses. A 113g serving of low-fat cottage cheese contains around 14 grams of protein, yet only has 80 calories, making it a diet friendly option compared to high-fat hard cheeses

Squirrel eating high protein nuts6.    Soya nuts

Made from soybeans, which are soaked and then baked, soya nuts make an interesting change to mixed seeds. They’re high in fibre and contain a whopping 37.5g protein per 100g. They’re also a rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids as well as vitamin K, essential for heart health and blood function, and folic acid.

muesli barProtein bar7.    Muesli bars
You’ll find a wide range of high-protein snack bars available from health food shops – just make sure you read the label carefully. Some brands can be high in sugar and fat, despite their ‘wholesome’ packaging.  If you have the time, why not make up some mini muesli bars at home.

8.    Porridge
Great for when you are at home and the munchies strike – a quick bowl of porridge (which includes instant microwave porridge) will give you a generous helping of protein, plus slow release energy to keep you going for longer. One packet of instant oatmeal has about five grams of protein, 105 calories and two grams of fat.


9.    Beef Jerky
If you’re looking for a chewy high-protein snack on the go, give beef jerky a try. Per ounce, beef jerky contains 70 calories, 1g of fat and an impressive 11g of protein. Just look out for low-salt varieties offered in health food stores rather than those sold in convenience shops.Peanut butter

10.    Peanut butter
One tablespoon of peanut butter contains a very respectable four grams of protein. Spread onto wholemeal bread for an extra energy boost. Just remember to go easy if you’re watching your calorie and fat intake. One tablespoon of peanut butter also contains around 94 calories and 8g of fat – also, try to choose peanut butter with no-added extras like sugar or canola oil – this is the one I have!

See you in class!

Jo xx 😀

P.S. If you need help making informed choices in your diet, or are not sure what you should be eating, please get in touch with us and we can steer you on the right track!

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