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Mimi lost 6½ stone at her class!

Mimi. . . Before & After JM Fitness

Mimi’s Story . . . A leaflet came through my letter box advertising JM Fitness classes, and I thought; ‘This is just what I need to kick-start my plans’. After making enquiries I went along to my first class on 1st September. I received a warm welcome from Jo and was given the information starter […]

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“I feel fitter and actually enjoy exercise now!”

Ellie after her transformation

Ellie’s Story I came back from university feeling very lazy, eating rubbish food and ended up being the biggest I have ever been! Even worse – people started noticing and I felt quite down about the way I looked – I needed motivating! I worried about joining because I realised how unfit I was and thought […]

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Julie lost 3½ stone and looks incredible!

Julie’s Story . . . Julie has lost over 3½ stone and feels great! She says, “I struggled with my weight since having my 2 daughter’s; which is now 21 years ago! I was a size 10/12 when I got married but with each pregnancy, I put on weight and then struggled to lose it. […]

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“I Lost 4st in 8 Months with JM Fitness!”

gemma after her transfprmation

Gemma’s Story . . . Gemma shed 4 stone in 8 months at her local JM Fitness club, and due to the healthily eating regime, also managed to keep her lifetime struggle against the agonising skin condition psoriasis, under control too.  Size 8 Gemma who now weighs 8st 5½lb, used to tip the scales at 12st […]

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“Colleagues didn’t recognise me!”

Nicola Before and after pics

Nicola’s Story . . . “I was overweight. I’d lost my confidence and was becoming more and more introvert. My joints were aching, especially my knees, and I got out of breath really quickly. I no longer enjoyed shopping for clothes because instead of getting clothes I’d like to wear I had to get ones that […]

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Shiny Object Syndrome

Lady thinking

Do you allow yourself to be easily distracted? I don’t know about you . . . But I’m terrible at getting stuff done on time! The trouble is, I get distracted very easily . . . I’ll be doing something that needs doing (you know, like you do! ), and the phone will ring – usually a salesman trying to sell me insurance! Or, […]

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The Demon Sugar

teaspoon of sugar

I am a sugar addict. Like many of us, I’ve been addicted to the sweet stuff since childhood. . . For me, it started when we were given sweet things as a reward for being good at school, doing our chores at home, and doing extra ‘jobs’ around the house. Every time I visited my nan’s; […]

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“I’ve lost 1 stone 12lbs In 2 months”

Mary-Ann Wedding picture

Mary-Ann’s Story . . . In 2014 my sister was getting married and of course as chief bridesmaid, I wanted to look and feel fabulous. I didn’t have a massive amount of weight to lose, but it just wasn’t shifting. But then I joined JM Fitness classes for this period of time in order to […]

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