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Time to put yourself first . . .

Perfect body

The next weight-loss miracle . . ? Each year we spend hundreds of pounds in our quest for the perfect body – usually opting for quick-fix, faddy diets that promise the next weight-loss miracle . . . Most of these so-called ‘diets’ tend to be quite unhealthy; typically omitting certain food-groups; or they’re impossible to […]

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The Demon Sugar

teaspoon of sugar

I am a sugar addict. Like many of us, I’ve been addicted to the sweet stuff since childhood. . . For me, it started when we were given sweet things as a reward for being good at school, doing our chores at home, and doing extra ‘jobs’ around the house. Every time I visited my nan’s; […]

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Why is Certain Food Banned on a Detox?

Nutritious food

Why do we need to detox? When you properly care for your body you provide the environment it needs to it eliminate toxins naturally. But in today’s busy world, you often fill your cells and digestive tracts with harmful foods and substances that your body can‘t filter well enough on their own. You might be […]

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Why should we detox?

Body image

What is a Detox? Simply put, detox (short for detoxification) is the process of neutralising or eradicating toxins from the body. It’s NOT cutting carbs, drinking weirdly coloured concoctions, starving yourself, or drinking lemon water with a sprinkling of cayenne pepper (like most people think). A detox is a process YOU choose to do to rid your body of TOXINS that are […]

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Top of my List . . .

Save the planet

I noticed something recently . . . . . . that I’ve never really paid that much attention to before . . . We accumulate and then throw away a lot of rubbish . . . Have you ever noticed?! I started to become aware of this not so long ago; after I stumbled across a website  hosted […]

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Time for time out?

How much time do you take for yourself? This is a little bit controversial. It might upset a few people (men!)… I had a conversation with a man who is a fitness professional just like me recently. He was trying to sell me a product specially designed for fitness professionals. Whilst I could see the […]

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I Woke up with Sand in my Bra!!


I Woke up with Sand in my Bra!! So glad the sun was shining today  otherwise I would’ve been one grumpy bunny this morning!! I am definitely NOT a morning person!! I’m not always grumpy in the mornings – it’s only when I’m kept awake all night with snoring and farting – not mine, might I add!! I […]

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