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These are delicious . . .

You may remember a similar flour-less pancake recipe I told you about before (hard to believe that a banana and eggs can whip up some pretty tasty pancakes), but I especially like adding some protein powder for the extra boost and flavour – you can also substitute the protein powder for cocoa (or cacao powder that is even better for you!) powder if you prefer.


How to make:



  1. Peel and mash the banana in a bowl, add the eggs and Protein Powder (or Cacao powder ) and thoroughly whisk together (you can use a blender or food processor for a smoother mixture).  pancake batter
  2. Set your frying pan to a low to medium setting, and add a small amount of Coconut Oil.
  3. Scoop or pour the batter onto your frying pan – make sure they aren’t too big as these types of pancakes tend to fall apart quite easily, so the smaller you make them, the easier they are to flip.
  4. Cook until golden (about 2 minutes), then flip and cook the other side.



  • You can really experiment with different flavours and fillings with these – try adding a dash of cinnamon, or some chocolate chips or raisins, or anything else you have in your cupboards!
  • You could puree some raspberries or blueberries to make a syrup to go with these!
  • The riper your bananas, the sweeter your pancakes will be – if they are under-ripe, they won’t blend well.




Nutritional Information:

  • Makes 10 small pancakes
  • Approximately 29 calories each

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