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Binge eating is a problem . . .

Binge eat. . . that most dieters are very familiar with. It is one of those horrible situations where the more you try to diet, the more desperate you are to lose weight, the more you resort to drastic measures like seriously cutting back on food, overweightthe hungrier you feel, the more uncontrollably you end up eating in the real down moments.

It’s completely understandable how people can be tempted but, if you think about it logically, you’d realise that by committing yourself to regularly eating 3 good meals a day, you’d have enough food to sustain you; you wouldn’t be hungry, and you could lose weight and maintain it fairly easily.

What happens when you binge?

When you binge on a whole packet of chocolate biscuits, for example, or you have several packets of crisps topped-off  with a load of chocolate; what-ever it might be, once the food goes into your body, your body will then automatically crave liquid because the only way food can be stored in your body is with some extra fluid. So you might end-up drinking a load of lemonade to quench that thirst.Feet on scales


Now, the big crisis comes when you get on the scales the next morning and you suddenly find shock-horror! – you’ve gained 5 pounds. Many people then find themselves in a complete panic mode and think; ‘right I’m going to starve myself, I’m not going to eat anything today. Then it gets to about 5 o’clock and you’re so hungry, you’re just about ready to eat a horse – so you start grabbing things that are quick and easy to eat!

Does any of this sound familiar to you??!

The important message here is to realise that when you have binged and you’ve gained weight, it isn’t actual fat that you’ve gained, it’s the water that’s being absorbed to help hold that food whilst it’s in your body. The best thing to do is to get straight back onto your healthy-eating regime.3 If you’ve binged in the afternoon, you should still eat your evening meal, and if you’ve binged in the evening, you should still eat breakfast the next morning.JM Fitness UK Jo Matthews

GET BACK ON TRACK!!! Don’t try to compensate for your binge, just start eating healthily again as soon as possible! You’ll find that within 24 – 48 hours most of that weight will just disappear.

Do you realise that to gain 5 pounds of fat, you would actually need to consume 17,500 calories and there’s no way you could do that in a day! So be comforted by that, and the same applies when you come back from a holiday. You might have had a really good time on holiday, and then you get on the scales and shock-horror – ½ a stone on!! If you’re good for 3 days once you get back, a lot of that weight will disappear.

4So, don’t throw in the towel the next time you have a binge, just get back on track, and be sensible about it and you’ll soon see those pounds and inches start to disappear!

See you soon!

Love Jo xx 😀

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