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Amy’s Story . . .

Amy before her transformation“I’d spent two years non-stop, working unsociable hours, so both my diet and exercise had completely gone out the window.  I do enjoy looking and feeling good about myself, but this time the weight had really snuck up slowly on me.

unwell smileyIn September I ended up being really ill, and wasn’t able to move around much, so even more weight piled on. I ended up feeling really horrible about myself, lacked energy and felt really sluggish all the time. I really needed to do something about my weight and to improve my mindset and energy levels – I literally couldn’t wait to get back to the old me.

I knew I could do it!

Amy before her transformationWhen I saw Jo’s advert, I finally felt I was mentally ready to do something about my weight; therefore crossing the first hurdle, getting in touch with Jo wasn’t a problem at all! I’d already started to improve my diet, by cutting out processed food and junk, and had even managed to lose half a stone!

I knew I could work out and follow a diet, as I’d done it before three years ago, with fantastic results – It always helps to know what’s achievable from past experience!

Purple cartoon trainersJo put an exercise plan together to fit specially around my work, and I managed to fit in two half-hour personal training sessions with her, plus I joined her Saturday morning boot camp session too.

I’ve found the entire process of working with Jo quite easy.  She sent me meal plans with recipes to follow, and emailed workouts for me to do at home on the days that I couldn’t see her in person.

Getting the results you want . . .

Why does that happen?I found her extremely supportive; she asks the right questions to get you to think about how you can achieve your goals, and she helps you overcome any problems.  If you deviate from her meal plan, she won’t penalise you, but she will inform you that you won’t get the results you want, or as quickly as you could, if you stuck with the plan 100% – leaving the ball completely in your court.Tennis ball on a court

Quite frankly I prefer to get my money’s worth, so I was going to stick to that plan 100% (well 95% – we are all human after all!)

To me, this is a lifestyle change.  Yes I wanted to lose weight, but more I wanted to increase my energy, and feel like me again.  I wanted to stop feeling so sluggish, I wanted to be able to sleep better, and I wanted to feel stronger – I achieved all of this and a lot more! I gained a friend in Jo, and I hope we carry on being friends.

I’ve lost 1-and-a-half stone and 15½ inches . . .man lifting weights

I loved working out with weights, the stronger I became, the heavier they grew, the stronger I felt. Jo definitely doesn’t push you beyond your limits, she supports you and will go above and beyond her call of duty – one evening, I even had her singing Jingle Bells in the back garden to take my mind off the horrible low-squat-jump exercise I was doing (bleugh)!cartoon bells

Over all, I have lost 1-and-a-half stone and 15½ inches from my body. I will be taking a break over the Christmas period, but will get back into eating healthily and exercising as soon as I can, using the knowledge that I have gained from Jo.

Before and after photos of Amy

I hope to continue working out with Jo . . .

I hope to continue working out with Jo as much as I can, as not only do you improve your fitness levels, increase your energy levels and lose weight, but you also gain new habits that can be put into practice for the rest of your life too.”

If this story rings any bells for you, or you find yourself in a similar situation to Amy – We can help! We are committed to getting you on the right track, and ensure that you not only reach your goals, but exceed your goals!

Take that first step – get in-touch now! You’ll be so glad you did!

Jo (waiting for your call!) Matthews 😀 xx

01323 441704 / email me HERE

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