“I’ve lost 4½ Stone and feel so much better!”

Sheila was worried about fitting in a plane seat . . .

“I now walk 2 miles most days – I couldn’t have done that before!”

Sheila Dann after her transformationSheila Dann, who has lost 4½ stone at Mondays Marshlands class, initially wanted to lose weight because she was going on a holiday of a lifetime to Australia and New Zealand.

Sheila before her transformationShe was worried that she wouldn’t be able to fit into an aeroplane seat as she thought she was too large – this gave her the kick-start to do something about her weight.

Once she got started she realised how easy it was to stick to the diet, and the more weight she lost, the more she was able to do! She said; “I once looked at my stairs in my house and thought ‘I wish I could run up those!!’, before, I couldn’t even walk up them without getting puffed out, now I can run up them no problems!!”

“I feel so much better now than I did before I lost the weight! I now walk 2 miles most days; and wouldn’t ever have dreamt of doing that, or even have been able to do that before!” At a recent family wedding, one of her cousins who she hadn’t seen for a year, didn’t even recognise her!!

Sheila has beautifully maintained her fantastic weight-loss for over 5 years now!!

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