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Julie’s Story . . .

julie after her transformationJulie has lost over 3½ stone and feels great! She says, “I struggled with my weight since having my 2 daughter’s; which is now 21 years ago! I was a size 10/12 when I got married but with each pregnancy, I put on weight and then struggled to lose it. pregnancyOver the years I’ve tried lots of diets, but never managed to get to my goal, so just gave up then ended up putting even more weight on.

I really enjoyed going to the Zumba class, everyone was so friendly and Jo was so supportive and encouraging. On my second week Jo brought out her Body Composition Analyser Scales. Just this week, she brought them to class again and I couldn’t believe the difference in my results in just over one year!

A Lower BMI . . !Julie before her transformation

My BMI has come down from a very unhealthy 30, to a very healthy 23! I’ve lost 13.2% body fat and I now have a metabolic age that is 14 years lower than my actual age!! As well as increasing my total body water, BMII have decreased the dangerous fat around my internal organs – my visceral fat – from 8 to 4!

I’ve now lost over 3½ stone, and love wearing my size 12 Skinny jeans! I will never forget the day I tried on a size12 and it fitted it was an amazing feeling and achievement! I also managed to get back into my wedding dress, which was another goal I was working towards as it’s our 25th wedding anniversary this year!”

julie after in her wedding dress

If this story rings any bells for you, or you find yourself in a similar situation to Julie – I can help! I’m committed to getting you on the right track, and ensure that you not only reach your goals, but exceed your goals!


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