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Stop Procrastinating RIGHT NOW!!!
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So, you want to be fit and healthy?

no excusesDo you ever find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t get to your class this week, or justifying the fact that you just HAVE to eat that bar of chocolate?! You are not alone . . . Research suggests that as many as 20% of us may be chronic procrastinators, but what is stopping us from moving forward?

Sad smileyPeople put-off things they KNOW they should do every-single-day – sometimes for months on end – even to the extent that they have this constant niggle in the back of their minds that they know they should just get on with it, and the fact that they can’t makes them miserable.

:(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(

fearThere must be a million and one different reasons for putting off tomorrow what can be done today . . . Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, lack of motivation – even fear of success can put people off! It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone!

The problem is, if you want to change your outcome, you are just going to have to bite the bullet and get good and uncomfortable!! You have to learn to be your own motivator! Talk yourself INTO working out, instead of talking yourself out of it, and make it a habit.

The 4 stages of developing a habit

People who exercise as a habit, don’t have to talk themselves into it because it’s a habit. People who DON’T exercise don’t have to talk themselves out of it because they’ve developed the habit of not exercising. I call it the “in between” stage. It’s when you haven’t been exercising and you want to start developing a new habit of exercising. I once heard someone explain it like this:

Unconscious incompetence:Unaware

confusedWe are not aware that we are unable to execute what we want.

Conscious incompetence:

We are now aware that we do not have the skills to do what we want.

Conscious competence (the “in between” stage):

We have to consciously work on our skills and make a major effort out of trying because we haven’t developed the habit yet.

Unconscious competence:

work-outWe have worked on the skill over and over that it now has become a habit and we do it unconsciously without even thinking about it. It now is automatic to do what you used to be incapable of doing.

fit brainIt’s when we are in the “in-between” stage of conscious competence that we have to learn how to talk ourselves into exercising. Why? Because we have been so used to not doing it for so long. We are retraining our brain how to function and our body will follow.

We must learn how to take action instead of making excuses. Many of us have gone through life making excuses for why we don’t do things. Do you want to live an exceptional life, one full of vitality, energy and great health? Then it’s important to learn how to be a person of action and NOT a person who sails through life on a boat of excuses.

No excuses sign

So, how do you get motivated?

Take actionThe word ‘motivate’ means a drive to action. You need something that is driving you to want to change. When I first meet new members and they tell me they want to lose weight. I always ask them, “WHY?” You need deeper reasons than just wanting to lose it. These reasons of ‘WHY‘ will help drive you, and give you the desire to stick to the plan.

– What will your life be like when you lose the weight?3 Happy ladies
How will you feel?
– How much more energy will you have?
– What are you missing out on in life because you have all that extra weight on your body?
– What will your life be like in 5-10 years if you don’t do something about it now?Focus

Once you have faced the reality of where you are, it’s important to stay focused on the positive. Don’t beat yourself up over some bad habits you may have developed but BELIEVE you can change them; you can make a difference in your life. Use your free will and DECIDE to do something different.happy smiley

Decide to live an excellent life!

Think about where you want to be with your health.
Think about how great you want to feel.
confidentThink about how awesome it’s going to be to fit into those “skinny” jeans you have.
Think about how much more confident you are going to feel about yourself.
Think about what a great example you will be to others.

Think about what it’s going to be like to be healthy and full of energy not only now but when you are 70 years young.

No matter what; take action on your goals and your health. It is so rewarding!

Jo (taking action) Matthews xx 😀

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