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Mimi’s Story . . .Mimi before her transformation

A leaflet came through my letter box advertising JM Fitness classes, and I thought; leaflet man‘This is just what I need to kick-start my plans’. After making enquiries I went along to my first class on 1st September.

I received a warm welcome from Jo and was given the information starter pack, which set me off on my road to weight-loss.

“I needed to apply all my willpower . . .”

mimi after her transformationMy first weigh-in recorded 17½ stone, edging towards size 26. This is when I realised that I needed to apply all my willpower and determination for both reasons of personal appearance but also for my own health.

Jo supported me continuously throughout my time on the plan and I vowed not to let either myself, Jo or the programme down.

After 7 months of attending each class I now weigh just under 11 stone, with my dress size 14. To say that I feel refreshed and renewed would be an understatement. I am now able to walk daily and rack up an impressive several miles every week. I put this down to a direct link of healthy eating, weight loss and my wish to continue and maintain all that I have achieved.

One tip I’d like to pass on . . .

One tip I’d like to pass on to all who are possibly experiencing a hankering for “nibbles” in the evening would be take up a hobby such as, in my case, knitting, which is a wonderful distraction from the thought of having a sneaky snack!

Mimi. . . Before & After JM FitnessI would like to round this off by saying that the next time you receive a JM Fitness flyer through your letterbox, it really is worth a second look as you’ll never look back.Image result for emoji eyes

As a member of my classes you will have the opportunity to make new friends, who will help and support you on your weight-loss and fitness journey.

Book, Bookmark, Education, Reading, KnowledgeIf this story rings any bells for you, or you find yourself in a similar situation to Mimi – I can help! I’m committed to getting you on the right track, and ensure that you not only reach your goals, but exceed your goals!

Get in-touch to see how we can help you… Get Your MoJo Back!

Jo (waiting for your call!) Matthews 😀 xx

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