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What You MUST Address to Drop Fat . . .

I’m frequently asked by people what they need to do in order to shift weight and be healthier, and one thing pretty much is ALWAYS at the forefront of why they’re not currently in the shape they want to be.

It’s ONE thing that increases cravings, disrupts sleep, messes up energy levels, causes fat, and a load of other not so great things alike.

What is it . . . ??!









sugar lumpsYou guessed it . . . . . . . Sugar!

eat sugarSurveys have found that the average person consumes around 22.2 teaspoons of added sugar every day. That’s an extra 333 calories a day, which can quickly lead to gaining One Pound of Fat every 10 days!!

hand holding a pound of fat

Sugar brings on hunger and cravings due to the effect it has on your blood sugar levels. It causes them to summit then plummet. When you eat sugar, whether it’s in the form of a bag of Haribo or some highly processed grain based food like white bread, your blood sugar rises (the summit).gummy bears

muffin topThen, the fat storing hormone, insulin races into your digestive tract to sort it out. One of the things the insulin does is to open up your fat cells, and let the sugar in, which in turn reduces your blood sugar levels (the plummet), more often than not, leaving you with more ‘hunger’ and cravings.

So the cycle repeats and over time, a set of love handles appear that you probably don’t enjoy looking at. That’s not all though, because when insulin is out there, one of your fat burning hormones – glucagon, is switched off.Endless cycle

What does all this mean?

yellow smiley facesWell, if your fat storing hormone is out on the prowl, and one of your major fat burning hormones is cowering away somewhere, not only will you fail to LOSE weight, but you’ll actually end up GAINING it.

So how much sugar do you eat in a given day?green question mark

I have no idea. But it’s probably more than you think.

When we’re talking about sugar here, we’re not just talking about what you put in your coffee, or what Ben and Jerry provide (Ben, Jerry and I have a love-hate relationship), but also the things you probably don’t think about – like your processed carbs such as white pasta, white bread, and breakfast cereals (yes, even Special K and Granola), which all get broken down and converted into energy quickly, causing big rises in your blood sugar levels, and kicking off that cycle we talked about just now.soda bottleBreakfast cereals

Something that often catches out calorie counters are soft drinks such as Coke. The label on your standard can of coke says it has 140kcals in it, and 35g of sugar. That’s pretty horrific on it’s own. But it gets better. Because, if the standard idea that 1g of carbohydrate = 4kcals, that means that literally EVERY single calorie in your 330ml can of coke is, you guessed it, sugar!!

What about the artificial stuff?drink

So what about drinking ‘diet’ coke and the like . . . that’s a post for another day, but to briefly discuss – DON’T – they’re horrendous for you too . . .

deviceSo are fruit juices much better? From a ‘there’s good stuff in there’ perspective, of course. From a ‘sugar’ perspective – not all that much. IN a standard glass of OJ you’ll likely take on board 20-25g of sugar, which will have the same effect – increased blood sugar, insulin, fat.

If you’re someone who’s diet contains things like white processed grains, sweets, chocs, fizzy drinks, fruit juices (from concentrate especially) and other sugar laden foods, and you’re currently unhappy with your weight or clothes size – addressing this is going to be a fantastic first step.White bread

Here’s 5 tips:

  • Bin off sugar in your coffee/tea if you have it. Better still – switch from coffee to herbal tea and give your adrenals a break.
  • Bin off your fizzy drinks – for all the reasons above.
  • If you’re drinking fruit juices, only get them down just before, or within 30 minutes of working out, where your body will actually use the sugars instead of making you store fat.
  • red appleIf you’re a dessert junkie, try to opt away from sugar laden ice creams, cakes, biscuits etc, and shoot for lower sugar fruits like apples and pears.
  • If you’re someone who eats a lot of refined carbs like pasta and bread, switch these to better sources such as quinoa, whole grain rice, gluten free oats, potato and sweet potato

Family homeIf sugar is something you find to be a challenge, then arm yourself by admitting it and be prepared when taking part in events where sugary treats are the focus and most importantly . . . . DO NOT KEEP these Foods in the HOUSE!!!

So that’s it!

Put what you’ve just read into action and you’ll experience better energy levels, improved mood (other people will like you more as a result of this), better skin, and a leaner, sexier body too!!

Jo xx 😉

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